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About us

Jose A Reygadas
President & CEO

President of the Storm Football Club and Mons Calpe S.C. is a professional football and sporting club from Gibraltar. Since 2001 he has chaired the financial and legal consulting company “Reygadas & Associates” and is founder and executive director of the sports representation and sporting events company “Reygadas Sports Group”, which was in charge of organizing the tours of Spain in the American continent between 2010 and 2012.1 He is also vice president of “Casa Media Partners”, a group that controls 10 radio stations, the MundoFox television network in Denver and two DirecTV channels.

Previously, he was Vice President of HBO Latin America Group (2000-2001), Vice President of (1998-2000), Vice President of Universal Studios Music Division, Universal Music Latin America, and Universal Music Publishing Latin America (1996-1998), as well as director of business and legal affairs of BMG in Mexico (1993-1995).

With our partners, we have a professional staff dedicated to the development and performance of our individual clients, sports teams, and events. Additionally, we provide efficient marketing-oriented promotion which guarantees superior brand recognition within the sports and entertainment cultures at a cost dramatically less than that obtained through conventional advertising.

We organized all the friendly matches of the 2010 world champions, the Spanish National team in North & South America and the Caribbean, as well as participated in the organization of additional matches in the Middle East and Europe. These friendly matches draw an average attendance rate of 90% of venue capacity. Also, RSG  owns two football (soccer) teams. One in Europe the MONS CALPE SC, which plays within the Premier League of Gibraltar, and it is a professional first division European team, with UEFA competition access; and One in the USA, the STORM FC, which plays within the NPSL, and which serves as a feeder for the European team. Through the affiliation of these two teams, players and coaches are discovered and then launched into the lucrative worldwide footballers market.

RSG has assisted investment funds and private investors in the bidding for the acquisition of major soccer clubs in Europe, including amongst others Valencia Club de Futbol, Malaga Futbol Club, Real Sporting de Gijon, and Everton, all of the above with combined offers for more than 800 million euros. RSG successfully organized the first-ever professional tennis match in San Juan Puerto Rico with RAFAEL NADAL a top player from the international tennis circuit who played a friendly game against Victor Estrella also from the international tennis circuit. Game held on March 21st, 2016 at the Coliseo Argelor of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Within the massive business opportunity of the fitness and health community, RSG advises, counsels, and has partnered with PoweRumba a worldwide recognized exercise system to develop their brand and its certification system worldwide through promotion

RSG has partnered with IVP, through IVP partners with international soccer star Luis Figo and Denovoc to own, promote and create the first Cancun International Youth Soccer Super Cup, with Luis Figo. This tournament the first of its class will receive youth teams boys and girls from 8 to 18 years of age to compete in Cancun during the summer of 2019. 

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